Booking Terms & Conditions

Gift vouchers
For terms and conditions of booking or redeeming gift vouchers please see our dedicated page here.

For terms and conditions for group/school bookings, please see our dedicated page here.

For full terms and conditions on all our discounts and promotions please click here.

All bookings made are non-refundable. Our strict no-refund policy applies at all times.

Booking changes
Booking changes requested less than 24 hours before your booking time will not be accepted. If your booking is more than 24 hours in advance, you can amend your booking date or time for a fixed £15 fee. If your booking is more than a month in advance, there is no charge to amend your booking day or time. Please note this does not apply to seasonal experiences, premium experiences or masterclasses. 

Standard fees for cancellation are 100% of the booking. To cancel your booking, please call us on 01904 527765.

Arrival / Late arrival
All bookings made are non-refundable. We ask all visitors to arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled tour time. York’s Chocolate Story reserves the right to refuse entry to any visitors arriving after their scheduled tour time. We may allow a grace period of up to 15 minutes past your scheduled tour time, this decision is subject to the discretion of our staff on the day of operations.

All bookings made are non-refundable.  If you miss or are unable to make your booking for any reason, customers will be not be issued a refund. 

Refusal of Entry
York’s Chocolate Story reserves the right to refuse entry on to a tour or remove any person who:
a. Arrives late for their tour
b. Is suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
c. Does not respect the historical nature of the attraction
d. Behaves in a manner which is disruptive to the enjoyment of other visitors
e. Behaves in a manner which compromises the safety of other visitors or staff
f. Uses verbal or physical threats or insults toward any member of staff or/and fellow guests

Photography is not allowed during any of the tour at York’s Chocolate Story unless stated otherwise by a member of staff.

Personal Belongings
All items, belongings and other property brought into the Attraction by you are at your own risk and we accept no liability for any loss or damage to such property. As such, we recommend that you do not bring valuables to the Attraction.

York’s Chocolate Story and Continuum Attractions reserve all rights

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