VIP Chocolate Masterclass

Indulge in the ultimate chocolate-lover’s experience with our VIP Chocolate Masterclass, exclusively designed for aficionados like you. Led by our skilled chocolatiers, this immersive journey will unlock the secrets of chocolate craftsmanship while allowing you to unleash your creativity.

In our VIP Chocolate Masterclass, you’ll delve into the intricate art of tempering, master the techniques of shell making, and learn the delicate process of ganache filling and sealing. From crafting your own artisan chocolate moulds to exploring unique artistic effects with coloured cocoa butter and lustre powder, every moment promises to be a decadent adventure.

Here’s what the VIP Chocolate Masterclass includes:

  • Hands-on sessions on tempering, shell making, ganache filling, and sealing a variety of chocolates.
  • Decorating your artisan chocolate moulds to create stunning, personalised designs.
  • Exclusive access to our tempering tank for moulding chocolate shells and creating a mesmerising chocolate rain effect.
  • Utilising transfer sheets for layered chocolate designs and crafting additional chocolate mendiants.
  • Customising layered chocolate bars with intricate handwritten pipe decorations, decorative patterns, and sumptuous chocolate toppings.
  • Enjoying a refreshing glass of prosecco upon arrival to set the mood for your chocolate-filled journey.

What’s more, you’ll leave the masterclass with an array of delightful treasures:

  • 6 exquisite chocolates elegantly packaged in our branded York’s Chocolate Story box.
  • A selection of 6 chocolates and several chocolate mendiants beautifully presented in ribbon-tied cellophane bags.
  • Your very own personalised 45g chocolate masterpiece, encased in clear packaging.
  • A well-deserved Certificate of Excellence to commemorate your chocolate mastery.

Join us for our VIP Chocolate Masterclass to discover a deliciously delightful world of chocolate craftsmanship. Book your spot today and treat yourself to an experience that’s as indulgent as it is educational.

This experience is available to anyone 16+ year.

16-17 year olds must be accompanied by a paying adult. 

Part of this experience requires guests to stand at the milk chocolate tank. If this isn’t possible for guests, we can accommodate with our white chocolate tank which is positioned lower down. Please get in touch at if you would like to discuss further. 


portion o standing , accomidate withb whte tank lower down


Every Thursday




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VIP Chocolate Masterclass

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