Top 5 chocolate gift ideas

We all have the one relative who is renowned for having a chocolate addiction, everything Birthday and Christmas you know you’re on to a winner when you’re supplying them with a chocolate related gift. Here at the home of chocolate we are giving you the go to guide of the perfect chocolate gift ideas.

1.Personalised Bar
That’s right you can order a personalised bar that is hand made by our Chocolatiers. Come in store and speak to a member of staff or ring up the sales team and create your personalised bar from scratch. Choose the chocolate, the decoration and what you want piped in chocolate on the top.

Personalised chocolate bar

2. Luxury fresh chocolates
Our luxury fresh chocolates are a perfect gift for a chocoholic. Choose from exotic flavours or the classics for a personal selection of someone’s favourite chocolates. Delicately made in house by our Chocolatiers you are able to choose from one or two chocolates in a bag to a 24 box.

Hand made chocolates created by our expert chocolatiers

3. Masterclass/ hire of a chocolatier
For that Chocoholic that has it all give the most luxurious chocolate experience we offer. Hire a Chocolatier for a group and have your own personalised Masterclass, a one to one experience not to be forgotten.

Chocolate piping at it’s best

4. Personalised KitKat Chocolatory
Personalise your own KitKat, come to Yorkshire’s only KitKat Chocolatory where you have the chance to create your own break. A perfect present for a KitKat lover, pick your chocolate flavour and choose three of your favourite toppings finish the gift with a personalised message on your packaging.

KitKat Chocolatory Create you Break personalised box

5. Family ticket for the tour.
Treat a chocolate loving family to our brilliant (if we do say so ourselves) tour. Indulge your sense as you taste, touch and smell chocolate as you make your own lolly, watch demonstrations by a Chocolatier and dip in to the rich heritage chocolate has in the city of York.

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Our Head Chocolatier demonstrating our chocolate rain
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