At York’s Chocolate Story, sustainability is very important to us and our visitors. Here is some of the things we are doing to improve our sustainability and we are constantly working towards improving our impact on the environment:

  1. We have been awarded Bronze status by the Green Tourism Awards and we are working towards the Silver award.
  2. Our tasting cups for xocolat chocolate drink samples are fully compostable.
  3. Our chocolate bars use compostable packaging.
  4. We are returning to using ceramic mugs for our café drinks range, after we switched to paper cups during the COVID-19 pandemic for Health & Safety reasons.
  5. We have replaced our hand-towels dispensers with hand dryers in our facilities.
  6. We are re-introducing cocoa husk boxes, made from waste from the cocoa harvesting process, that are more sustainable and better for the environment.
  7. Our outside lights are timed to turn off and save electricity on all our buildings.
  8. We recycle waste as much of our waste as we can, including glass.

Click here to read more about the sustainability practices of Callebaut, our chocolate provider.

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Find out more about our ethics here.

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