Five Types of Kit Kat Eater: Which One Are You?

KitKat, the beloved chocolate wafer bar, has been delighting taste buds worldwide for decades.

While it’s common for our team at York’s Chocolate Story to see people simply breaking off a piece and savouring it, there are those who take their KitKat experience to a whole new level! In this blog, we’ll introduce you to five different types of KitKat enthusiasts who enjoy this classic treat in their own extraordinary ways…

The Traditionalist

Breaking kitkat in two

The Traditionalist savours their chocolate in the timeless ‘take a break’ fashion, meticulously breaking off one finger at a time and relishing the harmonious combination of chocolate and wafer. This cherished ritual aligns perfectly with Nestle’s original vision for the iconic treat.

The Dip and Dunker

Dunking chocolate in a cocoa

Dip and Dunk Devotees are all about the tactile experience. These KitKat enthusiasts believe in enhancing the flavour by dipping their wafer bar into different liquids. Popular choices include hot coffee, cold milk, or our speciality… a hot chocolate. The marriage of the chocolate and the dunked liquid creates a unique taste sensation that’s irresistible to these snackers.

The KitKat Sculptor

KitKat - eating chocolate

The Sculptor is a true artist, removing chocolate fragments from the KitKat to reveal the wafer beneath piece by piece. Sculptors appreciate the form and texture of this classic chocolate bar and are happy to take their time before enjoying the crispy wafer.

 The Chomper

kitkat - double bite

With no holds barred  approach, Chomper’s boldly unwrap the KitKat and sink their teeth into the solid bar. This audacious act often leaves local onlookers bewildered, yet the Chomper remains undeterred, unwilling to waste a single moment savoring this delectable delight.

The Kool Kats

Chocolate bar in red foil

Perfectly refrigerated, kool kats adore their chilled and crispy chocolate wafer bars. They take immense pleasure in the delightful sound of snapping chocolate. Just as we do during our chocolate tasting sessions on our tour.

KitKat enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique way of enjoying this iconic chocolate bar. Whether you’re a Traditionalist, Sculptor, Chomper or a Kool Kat your love for KitKat is something to be celebrated.


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