Breaking The Mould: The Story of KitKat®

For over 80 years, the humble KitKat® has been a staple part of lunchboxes and break times across the planet. Our brand new exhibition Breaking The Mould: The Story of KitKat® will uncover the secrets behind the world’s most popular confectionery brand.

You can explore the bar’s history, origins and impact all as part of your guided tour.

One of the most iconic chocolate bars in the world, KitKat® has become a universally-recognised symbol of York’s sweet ingenuity. From humble beginnings in York, the KitKat® has gone on to be a dominating force in the world of confectionery, on sale in more countries than any other chocolate.

Globally, a mind blowing 17.6 billion fingers are produced every year. In 2010, KitKat® was certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s most global brand and in 2014 was named Time Magazine’s most influential confectionery bar of all time.

You will find out things like, why a long-forgotten club in London helped inspire a radical change in confectionery, discover why KitKats® are so popular in Japan and why American bars have a unique taste all of their own on, during our tour.

The exhibition is included as part of our award-winning guided tours.

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15 Jun - 15 Jun


Included in all guided tours


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